Fall of 2016:  back in Hungary again at the Bernecebaráti Art Colony.


Work began as it often does with another Postcard Series – small pieces done on found postcards collected around Budapest. The surfaces were quickly gessoed, in this case obscuring the graphics underneath. In other Postcard Series, for example, the Postcard From Budapest 2016 Series, the printed graphics on the cards yielded visual cues for the work. This new  group of twenty Postcards From Bernecebárati, however, was a spontaneous exploration of figural forms, using water-soluble chalks and crayons on a wet surface.


The Postcards From Bernecebárati can be seen here.


As the Postcard Series continued, an ancillary series of monoprints developed. The Postcards, often still wet, were pressed and rubbed against blank, wetted watercolor paper, resulting in an offset image with a slight three-dimensional edge. Sometimes a fresh monoprint was then pressed onto yet another wet blank page, creating a ghost image. These monoprints made from watercolor and/or wet chalks; impressions were then either further worked in those media, or left as a pure print.

Monoprint From Bernecebarati - 1

The Monoprints From Bernecebárati can be viewed here.




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