Settled back into Budapest in the Spring of 2016, work resumed with the usual collecting of found postcards around the city. I was drawn to one graphic card in particular and picked up copies at pubs and coffee houses. Spreading them out on my work table, I rapidly gessoed the entire stack of cards. I decided to leave visible traces of the original printed graphics and use the whitewashed hints of form as the basis of these new pieces.  These existent forms were reworked in water soluable chalks and washes of watercolor. The variations came from different interpretations of the printed graphic, varied use of the mixed media and rotating the position of the card itself (6″ x 3″ / 15 x 8 cm). These appropriated forms, more rectilinear than those often generated spontaneously in my work, led to a surprisingly different series of  small, figural mixed-media pieces.


PC from BP - I .      PC from BP - II.       PC from BP - III


PC from BP - IV.       PC from BP Series 2016 - IX.       PC from BP - V


PC from BP - VI.       PC from BP - VII.       PC from BP - VIII


PC from BP - X.       PC from BP - XI.       PC from BP - XII


PC from BP - XIII.       PC from BP SERIES - XIV.       PC from BP SERIES - XV


PC from BP SERIES - XVI.       PC from BP - XVII.       PC from BP Series - XVIII


PC from BP - XIX.       PC from BP - XX        PC from BP - XXI


PC from BP - XXII        PC from BP - XXIII        PC from BP 2016 Series - XXIV


PC from BP 2016 Series - XXV       PC from BP 2016 Series - XXVI        PC from BP 2016 Series - XXVII


PC from BP 2016 Series - XXVIII


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