Diane Sophrin - New Works and Free Associations. 1   Diane Sophrin - New Works and Free Associations. 2

Diane Sophrin’s latest solo exhibition at the Ferencvárosi Historical Museum in Budapest, runs from September 14th through October 14, 2017. The opening ceremony took place on September 22nd.

This newest body of work is comprised of three interconnected projects: the Wetted Scrolls Series, Postcards from Attila József and Dialogs with Attila József. The latter two relate directly to the poetry of Attila József (József Attila in Hungarian name order) one of the most famous and beloved Hungarian poets of the 20th century. This poet, although not so familiar to the English speaking world, is astonishingly pertinent to our world today. 

These works, along with my comments and the poems of Attila József ás well, can be found on this site here, and here. The image of each work is linked to it’s own page where the relevant poem can be read in English translation as well as the original Hungarian. 

The opening lecture was presented by Dr. Ferenc Takács; critic, literary translator, literary historian, associate professor at ELTE’s Department of Anglo-Saxon Studies, and President of the James Joyce Society of Hungary.

György Orbán, founder of the Ráday Könyvesház Bookstore, publisher and littérateur gave a poetry reading of Attila József’s Breath of Air .

Tamás Baranyi, cofounder of Budapest world music band Anu Mauri accompanied himself on keyboard, singing Attila József’s Oh Heart, Be Still and Qumashtra, one of his own compositions.



Diane Sophrin Exhibition Installation


 Diane Sophrin Exhibition Installation        Diane Sophrin Exhibition Installation


Diane Sophrin Exhibition Installation        Diane Sophrin Exhibition Installation



 Ferenc Takács lecture


Ferenc Takács lecture


 György Orbán recites Attila József


György Orbán recites Attila József


 Albert Kováts, Painter's Association President


 Diane Sophrin and Albert Kováts


 Tamás Baranyi performs Attila József


 Tamás Baranyi performs Attila József


 Diane Sophrin Exhibition Opening


 Diane Sophrin Exhibition Opening


 József Seregi, Julianna Vízi, Csaba Asztai


 Diane Sophrin, György Orbán, Ferenc Takács


 Albert Kováts, Diane Sophrin, Gábor Homolya




Gábor Szabó, Diane Sophrin    Takács Ferenc, Diane Sophrin













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