The idea for this new Present Continuous Project (Folyamatos jelen in Hungarian)
was to continue working with drawn text. But what text to use? Rather than continuing with words of a known poet or vocabulary of a specific theme as I had already done in the Dialogs with József Attila and the Exile series, I decided to create the text and began to write small, simple poems.

Having immersed myself so deeply in the reading of poetry, observations had already started to emerge formed as verse rather than thoughts or speech. These morsels of poetry have been written rapidly, daily. The aim of the poems themselves is to be concentrated, compacted – writing just enough to capture thoughts and observations passing through my mind, just enough to visually fill each page of this series.

To see and read about the Present Continuous / Folyamatos jelen project in it’s entirety, and my Spring  2018 exhibition at the Nyitott Műhely in Budapest click here.

Both the visual and written work continue during the Spring months in Budapest.

Each poem below is linked to it’s own page, where both poem and image can be found:


Silence – (7.14.18)


Whiteness (Ode to A & R) – (6.24.18)


“Heat” – (5.1.18)


“Blue” – (4.30.18)


“Winter Storm Revisited” – (2.18.18)


“Running” – (2.16.18)


“Prowl” – (2.10.18)


“Ice and Allegiance” – (1.25.18)


“Free Agency” – (1.23.18)


“Reading poems” – (1.16.18)


“Desperate ones” – (1.16.18)


Doubt” – (1.16.18)
“Kételkedni” – Hungarian translation by Ferenc Takacs 


Unwanted Gift (1.16.18)


“Wrestling with Angels” – (1.9.18)
“Harc Az Angyalokkal” – Hungarian translation by Tamás Baranyi


“Too Late” – (1.3.18)


“Messenger” – (1.1.18)


“Sotto Voce” – (12.27.17)


“Miracles” – (12.24.17)
“Csodák” – Hungarian translation by Győrgy Orban 


“Old Story” – (12.20.17)


“Words” – (12.20.17)