“The Great Collapse”







The Surity of War
inevitable like death
the dripping glowing
finger of god
writing on walls
only not for everyone.

The Great Collapse
coming soon
theaters near and far
thrills chills sights
never before or
again known
only in the bones.

Time Speeds Up
sometimes they say
grains and ticks
marks notwithstanding
the shadows too
play tricks
only when they want.

The Patina of Time
who’s to say if
your time is my time
when it’s my time
I’ll know or
maybe not
only time will tell.

The Blackest Humor
can’t save us now
nothing can
I am afraid
the smell is too familiar
if your nostrils
are open
only to the stench.

It’s Never They
say the same
twice and so
it’s all new
now although
flashbacks and premonitions
only proclaim the obvious.


– Diane Sophrin.
  Vermont, 12.25.19




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