Give Him Your Vote!

I know probably most of you have made up your mind whom you’ll be voting for during your primary but just in case, I’m going to urge you to choose our own Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders!

There are many important reasons but let me give you just a few:

1. He is impeccably honest and principled. I can vouch for this, Vermont having been represented by Bernie for 26 years (in the House  for 16 years and in the Senate for 10 years).

2. He has been a champion of the right causes and movements since his youth. His consistency and unwavering commitment to equal rights, economic and social justice, peace and environmental awareness is unmatched.

3. He has the courage, vision and persistence to take the country where it needs to go. Bernie learns from the past and looks to the future. He is not afraid to speak out and take a stand on the crucial issues facing us in the nation and the world today. Because of his deeply felt beliefs, he doesn’t pander, he leads.

4. He can best defeat the Republicans. Regardless of how the media parse their writing and twist the statistics, the absolute fact is that ALL polls show Bernie beating Trump by more than Clinton. Also, the polls show Bernie beating Cruz in all matchups, while some polls have shown Cruz winning against Clinton:

5. And just in case you still, for some reason, think it’s a losing battle, check out this informative, factual article in today’s Huffington Post: Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194, Even as Dramatic Miscounting of Delegates by Media Continues:

In addition to the above reasons, and on an entirely personal level, I’d like to add something more. As a Brooklyn-born daughter of  lower-middle-class, progressive, Jewish parents, and with all the cultural and intellectual focus that comes with the territory, this is the first time I have truly been able to relate to anyone running for highest office! Bernie Sanders is one of my own. With him in the White House, I could finally feel that I belong to this country.

I believe this is truly our last chance to turn things around – politically, economically, environmentally, and socially. It takes a mover and a shaker to turn us around and lead us in the right direction. Please, cast your vote for Bernie Sanders!

Diane Sophrin

4.18.16, Budapest











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