Spheres of Destiny & Variants



This new, ongoing body of work, Spheres of Destiny & Variants follows along the same parameters as the other recent double-sided assemblages; the Swingeing Spots, Big Looming Assemblages, Spots of Retribution and Dark Spots & Black Holes. Why this persists I am not sure! It offers itself, it suggests, or with stronger imperative, demands. I oblige. Click on any image for larger images of each group seen sequentially: first, the Spheres of Destiny and below them, the Variants:


The configuration/reconfiguration of the assemblages comes next, along with the photographic documentation. This aspect of the work is maddening. The impulse to track, know and document these groupings is compelling, unforgiving. Perhaps the final manifestation must wait for exhibition, when the pieces will naturally suggest, demand and determine specific assemblages – or perhaps not even then!

At this point in time, one double-sided diptych Spheres of Destiny I and II has made its way to Budapest in my stead, currently exhibited in the HORIZONT juried exhibition of the Society of Hungarian Painters (Magyar Festők Társasága). In fact it was the exhibition theme which led to this format of spherical paper diptych with central horizontal gap.

Here in Vermont, the work on this series is ongoing – both in terms of continued grouping and documentation of new assemblages, and the making of more new pieces. The newest, still in their early stages of formation, are large, boulder-like, sisyphean.