Dominant Spheres




DOMINANT SPHERES 5thDominant Spheres


DOMINANT YELLOW SPHERES 7thDominant Yellow Spheres (verso)


Dominant Spheres is a pair of large quadriptych acrylic paintings (front and verso); each side executed through a rapid process of stenciling and staining. The multiple, overlapping circular forms of each side’s painting were created by taping large, blank circles of gessoed paper to the four prepared paper panels. The temporarily fastened spherical forms functioned as stencils while the entire quadriptych was stained with thinned acrylic and rags. This layered staining process simultaneously created both the Dominant Spheres painting and the Dying Spheres pieces. More on Dominant Spheres and related images can be seen here.



DYING SPHERES 1Dying Spheres


Images and further description of the connected Dying Spheres pieces can be found here.




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