The work with spherical forms continues – in this case a pause from engagement with movable parts offering a return to long, vertical scroll-like panels. Again the work is double-sided, especially relevant to the scrolling functionality of this piece.

This long single paper panel was stitched together and gessoed several years back, while working on four-panel acrylic paintings. At the time I was particularly interested in the stitching methods used in Torah scrolls which minimized the visibility of stitches themselves. Unused and waiting, the prepared, empty scroll now presented a perfect surface for continuing the work with Spots and Spheres.

Presenting itself as a piece to possibly be viewed flat – read in an act of scrolling and unscrolling, the work process continued as before. Two small wetted pages blackened with dense chalk spheres were repeatedly pressed into the acrylic-stained scroll, transferring the black forms in a rough offset process. The scroll was then rolled up and the motion and pressure of rolling created a somewhat linear-reading sequence of marks and forms. These two images are front and verso of the one 67 inch scroll.


And here, the two water-soaked small pages with black chalk circles – remnants of the work process, but visually suggestive elements in themselves.


Black Scrolling Spots - 1
Black Scrolling Spots - 2


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