Two can play the compression game
but why rein it in
as if as if
you alone knew
best mit kell.

Indulgence on the other hand
is a sin
no time left to spare
it’s running out
siphoned off by catastrophy.

Will it stop completely
giant rusty gears grinding to a halt?
we made the clocks after all
time is ours to kill
and history marches off a cliff

In spite despite
(O precious planet you’re dying)
the universe is something else
it has no problem with time
as we lunge and parry

in voiceless compression –
so back to time and words
style and method.

Hook the mind like a flapping fish
swallowing whole
some shard of truth
as viscous waters surround
enraged engorged

Your way or mine?
parse in anticipation
or say it all –
risking soliloquy with God
and anyone else who cares.

We can call it wisdom.


– Budapest. (11.6.18).












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