Now. Super Tuesday. The good, the bad, and the worse than bad!

Good news first: Bernie Sanders has won 386 delegates to Clinton’s 576 – a difference of 190, with nearly all the votes in. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/democratic_delegate_count.html.
Not bad, given where Bernie started, and the powerful machine that he’s up against. It’s certainly nothing to thrown in the towel over, which is how the media is of course playing it with all their might. It’s going to be a long fight, for sure. Bernie’s supporters have donated 43 million dollars in February alone so he has the cash to keep on going right to the convention and he will. He won big, out there in parts of the country unknown to the likes of me; Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma… (sorry folks). There was another virtual tie – this time in Massachusetts. Vermont gave Bernie all our 16 pledged delegates. We know Bernie well and are pretty unequivocal in our support of him up here in this corner.

Who knows what will happen next? At this moment I’m listening to him live, speaking at Michigan State. The next Democratic debate will be in Flint on Sunday, March 6 at 8 p.m on CNN.

Now on to Trump. If you are afraid of Trump (a normal thing to be), pay close attention. With his enormous wins, everyone knows he’s no flash in the pan. Now watch the Republicans climb on board: Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey), Governor Paul LePage (Maine), Former Governor Jan Brewer (Arizona), Senator Jeff Sessions (Alabama), Former Senator Scott Brown (Massachusetts), Representative Tom Marino (Pennsylvania), Representative Scott DesJarlais (Tennessee), Representative Duncan Hunter (California). Then the super-crazies: Sarah Palin, David Duke, Jean-Marie Le Pen, even Louis Farrakhan who praises Trump for standing up to the Jews! Not to mention Ari Fleischer who “would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton any day”. http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/national/campaigns-wildcard-issue-now-anti-semitism.

After Trump’s performances in Super-Tuesday, the most important thing for all Democrats should be to choose the candidate best able to beat him, no? And the other two as well, just in case?

In this latest National CNN poll (updated today) Sanders beats Trump by a better margin than does Clinton. He also beats the Cruz and Rubio, while Clinton is behind both Cruz and Rubio.

Here are the numbers:
Sanders tops Trump 55% to 43% Clinton tops Trump 52% to 44%
Sanders tops Cruz 57% to 40%) Clinton trails Cruz 48% to 49%
Sanders top Rubio 53% to 45% Clinton trails Rubio 47% to 50%

This CNN poll summary says: Sanders “enjoys the most positive favorable rating of any presidential candidate in the field… 60% of registered voters view him positively, 33% negatively. He is the only candidate seen favorably by a majority of voters… “.
“The two front-runners, Clinton and Trump, are seen unfavorably by majorities of voters. Almost 6-in-10 have a negative view of Trump, 59% with 38% favorable, and 53% have a negative view of Clinton, 44% see her positively”.

Here are the numbers:
Among all Americans:
Bernie Sanders Favorable: 57% Unfavorable: 33%
Hillary Clinton Favorable 42% Unvavorable 55%

Among Registered Democrats:
Bernie Sanders Favorable 85% Unfavorable 10%
Hillary Clinton Favorable 78% Unfavorable 19%

Check out the whole article if you are interested:

That’s plenty of reading, if you’ve gotten through all this. I’ll add one more link – to a very persuasive article in Current Affairs: http://static.currentaffairs.org/2016/02/unless-the-democrats-nominate-sanders-a-trump-nomination-means-a-trump-presidency.

That’s all for tonight.


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