World as Collage – Day 2



Hello and welcome back to my studio!
World As Collage – Day 2 Recto & Verso is done…

World as Collage 2 - Recto & Verso. 2022
             World as Collage 2 – Recto & Verso. 2022

A not-to-miss link: HERE is a second video studio visit.

It’s a pleasure to already start getting feedback from this great and growing group of sponsors. In response to the first video of my DAY 1 post, Dovid suggested a wider panning of my studio, with outdoor views and some sound. So here you are, Dovid! In addition to sharing the bright interior of my work space and a profusion of work-in-progress spread out around the studio, there’s some fantastic music in the background. It’s Zuboly, one of my favorite Hungarian fusion groups, with Béla Ágoston & company. Take a listen HERE!

Another sponsor, Wendy, remarked how in collage, the bits and pieces of paper put together to make a whole can symbolize the lives of refugees and homeless needing to be made whole. Yes, there is a deep resonance of allegory and meaning in this process. A good choice can often reveal more significance and meaning than initially recognized. That’s the beauty of art. Thanks, Wendy.

Next, just a few words about words!
This life finds many of us extraordinarily busy, distracted, pressed, with heightened awareness of the passage of time. Our 21st century modes of communication often coax us to encapsulate, to compress and so we abbreviate.

While less can be more, that compression can be a challenge to those like myself who ruminate over thoughts and words, trying to dissect and present threads of ideas, often swimming slowly in the deeper end of the pool.

I’ll try, in these posts, to respond to needs, expectations and context, by offering two segments when there’s a lot of material: THE SHORT TAKE, a cut-to-the-chase entry at the top of these posts with links and some words about the work, and THE LONG READ, a longer written piece. Take your pick, read whatever you’d like when the time is right! Of course, once I start posting daily, not even I will be able to write at such length with such frequency!

Meanwhile, if you have time and inclination to respond, I welcome further comments or questions!

Diane Sophrin
  Montpelier, Vermont
  February 14, 2022

 A Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!