On the Wall, On the Ground




Those who look, see. Looking is automatic, continual. Using my phone to shoot photos while walking, I have been documenting aspects of my surroundings. The game, for it is a game, has rules. No editing after shooting. All compostitional decisions are made the moment of the shot, determined by position alone; color variations allowed by different settings, nothing more.

The photos began on the walls of Budapest in 2016 – Writing on the Walls – although the scrawls and paper fragments soon expanded to include texture and architectual details. Then I looked down, and On the Ground series began. The mixture of natural and human detritus forming compositions on pavement continues to draw my eye. The mixture of decay and life, the visual excitement of sharp detail, the nuances of found color is the material. The eye doesn’t stop.


Here below is a selection. Click on any photo to see larger images with information sequentially.


Additional selections of the Writings on the Wall photographic series can be viewed on the project’s first posting here.