Hello All and welcome back to my studio! A late night posting – been a full, hectic day.

The collage work and white snow continue … after all, it’s early March in Central Vermont…
Here are a few new images for your viewing pleasure – World As Collage Day 6 – Recto & Verso. A pair of new ancillary, digitally manipulated images are below, too!


DIANE SOPHRIN. World As Collage Day 6 - Recto & Verso. 2022
           World As Collage Day 6 – Recto & Verso




World As Collage Day 6 - Recto. Digital Manipulation. 2022.
     World As Collage Day 6 Recto                   Digital Manipulation


WORLD AS COLLAGE DAY 6 - VERSO. digital manipulation.
    World As Collage Day 6 Verso                   Digital Manipulation




Because I’m already ahead of the game in terms of finished collages, today’s studio visit shows me working on World As Collage – Day 11! The music, though, is timely, pertinent, and what I’m listening to today. So, for a little sneak preview of DAY 11, take another studio visit HERE, with Gogol Bordello’s IMMIGRANT PUNK raging in the background. Details about Eugene Hütz are in the Day 4 posting.

The sun reflects brilliantly off the cold snow, light flooding the studio. I stand at the work table, moving pieces around, taping them down with tiny strips of torn masking tape – the piece positively bristles with the tape tabs. I’ll stay with that, leaving most of them. There is a rawness developing in these pieces – the bones of the process are showing themselves – masking tape, outlines penciled in to guide the gluing… I like the way these reveal secrets of the making; they add dimension and drawing to the collaged paper form.

Meanwhile, whenever I look, seems like things are spinning out of control in the world, working up to a ghastly pitch unheard of in our lifetime… at least not here or anywhere I’ve ever been. How timely that I’m working on this fundraiser for refugees as the number of world refugees goes wild because of this new war. Will we also be receiving Ukrainian refugees soon?

Work is interwoven with war, with zoom visits and phone calls, with a strange intensity. But I won’t go into that, instead, will let Gogol Bordello express it all for me.


–  Diane Sophrin
   Montpelier, Vermont
   March 3, 2022