Hello All and welcome back to my studio!

The collage work continues rapidly… in fact I already am a bit ahead of schedule. Now I’ll do a little catch-up; writing about, scanning, and sending out another just finished piece.

Here are a few images for your viewing pleasure – Collage Day 5, Recto & Verso, as well as two digitally manipulated versions of both sides of the collage, beginning with photos shot as the work was in process. More about that in the LONG READ below.

DIANE SOPHRIN. World As Collage Day 5 - Recto & Verso. 2022
     World As Collage Day 5 – Recto & Verso. 2022



World As Collage Day 5 - Recto. Digital Manipulation
     World As Collage Day 5 Recto                 Digital Manipulation


World As Collage Day 5 - Verso. Digital Manipulation
   World As Collage Day 5 Verso             Digital Manipulation



In previous posts I’ve written about my engagement with materials and process, as well as touching on the qualities and history of collage. Another aspect to discuss is the development of associative imagery in these new works; specifically the head-like shapes of the pieces. While I didn’t have that subject in mind prior to starting (I rarely have any preconceived ideas of what will develop in a series of works) I soon enough recognized what was emerging, the head-like nature of the forms becoming apparent. I often refer to my non-objective work as being figural, meaning it has figure-like qualities, stemming from the use of organic forms and colors, a sense of motion or conversely, from a static presentation or vertical standing pose. While these works might echo and reference things we can associate with the figure, they don’t literally represent imagery as such. That’s the mystery and power of non-objective art.

In this case, the size of the pieces was dictated by the dimension of my scanner’s platen, but the head-like form had already appeared in my SPHERICAL FRAGMENTS SERIES exhibited in the Budapest PART > WHOLE / RÉSZ > EGÉSZ exhibition. I have no reason to shift away from that allusion; instead, I just observe and acknowledge the head-like identity of these new pieces as I continue working!

Remember, these are double-sided pieces, and each posted presentation is a digital combination showing Recto and Verso side by side. The pieces therefore manifest themselves as a pair of mirror image forms. In response to DAY 4, Janet just commented: Wonderful, Diane! I keep seeing them as people, facing off! Indeed they appear to be doing just that, and I recognize and appreciate the tension coming from that arrangement. Of course, when exhibited in real-life, only one side of each piece would be viewed at a time; ideally hung freely, unframed and far enough away from a wall so that both sides could be seen by a viewer moving around the piece. Each collage thus presents itself as a unique presence, with something to say out of both sides of its mouth (so to speak) as the series continues to grow through this double-sided work process.

Lew also responded, writing of the symbolism of the head and taking that interpretation into a deeper significance, specific to the aims of this Marathon and escalating events of this very moment… The use of figural and in particular, head-like forms for these collages is very appropriate symbolically of the refugees and immigrants whose lives were fragmented and torn to pieces before coming to a new home to reconstruct a new life in a new country. The colors of the fragmented torn pieces of scraps – the building blocks – are reassembled here into forms with the same colors but now whole.

What else this referencing of heads might speak to or stand for will reveal itself as the work continues. It occurs to me that this piecing together of personae is not only telling stories of the ever-increasing number of refugees in our world at this moment, but also can reflect the effort of constantly piecing together oneself; the gluing, repairing, repurposing, reassembling, reimagining and representing one’s psyche and soul as we all navigate these increasingly challenging, dangerous times.


Once again, if you have time and inclination to respond, I welcome further questions and comments!


– Diane Sophrin
  Montpelier, Vermont
  March 2, 2022