“Noise – V”







Oh it’s a noisy time
walking in a drizzle
by which I mean great noise
composed of sick cacophonies
filling ears eyes soul
with chatter and static
with self sell and idle boasts
with empty likes and easy hearts.

Throbbing and thumping
beneath monetizing minions
thundering above
the thickening skies
the darkening vapours
a whiplash of ferocious groans and wails
collected from all corners of this earth
offering up its own lamentations.

Hyacinths spread their odors
green spears pierce the soil
spring slowly insinuates in spite
water wetting hard surfaces
elaborate explaining it all
away grand and desperate sweeps
across shattered mosaics still
standing in vain or ground at the heel
scraped stones radiant in concrete.

There I’ve said it all
The great paradigm shift
Leaves in dust and ice
I alone and still
embracing what has gone.



– Diane Sophrin
  Vermont (5.7.23)


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