“Conversation on a theme of leaves and concrete – III”





Conversation on a theme of leaves and concrete – III


Conversation on a theme of leaves and concrete
what draws the eye
textural contrast
faded nuance of color
decaying organic matter

Walking slowly
talking about language
concrete mixed with coarse pebbles
slivers of slate
concrete concepts
peel outward as the mind’s eye fixates
as particulate matter
draws into close focus
grains of fused sand
strokes of rust
glimmers of mica
the fossilized gashes and chips
pressed into revelatory tablets
while desiccated fibers
bits and fragments of fallen brittle
colors lie
helpless delicate shadows of
life on these impenetrable surfaces

Parallel textual contrasts follow
the narrative is there
if that adds meaning
for you.

A lesson
given hesitantly
as thoughts draw words
as articulation draws concept
not previously expressed cogently.

parched leaves skate across
concrete slabs
lifted from their graves by gusts
of wind
crushed by tires
to pale flakes
ground to a powder
mixed with gravel
with sand
resurrected as a finer detritus.

Finally drawn
black lines of tar
meandering across paint
across asphalt
add signature
with a languid desperate flourish.



– Diane Sophrin
  Vermont. 9.23.21


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